Bean Burger Recipe

Submitted by vegan camp on Sun, 07-26-2020 - 11:16

500 grams of kideny beans.

1/2 tablespoon mustard or grounded mustard seeds.

1 tablespoon ketchup, home made tomato paste, or salsa.

1 lime.

40 grams of oats.

+ any other ingredients you might like, like paprica, chillies, black pepper, garlic and onion to give extra flavor (optional).

Mash the beans and mix everything together. Form the burgers and bake in oven at 200 degrees C until golden and flip. About 10 minutes on each side. 


Composting tips and ideas

Submitted by vegan camp on Fri, 07-24-2020 - 14:26

When I was living in a suburban house I just dug down all the food scraps near the hedge. It works very well and makes complete logistical sense. Imagine people still throwing out valuable food scraps in the garbage so it can be driven away in a garbage truck and burned or something.... insanity is real.


Healthy Hummus Recipe

Submitted by vegan camp on Mon, 07-20-2020 - 18:03

The super universal mega healthy hummus recipe.

500 grams cooked chickpeas
Garlic optional
50 grams tahini (reduce even more to become even healthier or just grind up your own sesame seeds). If your tahini contains salt, then you might not need to add salt later).
1 lemon fresh juice 2-3 limes. Or even more if you like it limey.
salt 2-4 grams. The less salt the healthier.


Building with Bamboo

Submitted by vegan camp on Wed, 05-06-2020 - 09:46

This is Northern Thailand, Li, Lamphun, also known as longan land. The bamboo here is not used as construction material although it should. The bamboo is primarily used to support longan trees. I intend to change that. The most difficult part about using bamboo, is bamboo preservation. There are many methods to proof or preserve:



Submitted by vegan camp on Sat, 01-25-2020 - 12:20

We have the bat cave nearby the Vegan Camp near the white robed monk temple.

Bat cave:

Air Quality In Smoke Season

Submitted by vegan camp on Sun, 01-19-2020 - 10:49

People ask when the smoke season the dry season or even the burning season will start. All these three are the same, and they are quite bad for air quality. I would say it usually starts after a couple of months without rain. So in 2019 it already started in December or so and will probably last until we get some good storms in 2020, maybe mid April 2020. But who konws, nature is hard to predict and we get what we sow.