• Fruit Hunters ( The Nature of Things ) Part 1/2:
  • Pure Fruit a film by Emile Bokaer (Vimeo) (IMDB). An amazing documentary and story about two frutarians Mango and Kveta, who strive for a better world and consume only fruit, no seeds nor greens - only fruit flesh surrounding seeds. They don't want to destroy life, and it gives me some thought about things, amazingly strong. Young Durianrider (Harley Johnstone), and Freelee the banana girl are also featured in this film. Check out Mango's website, who is an Ethical Vegan:

Saving The World

  • The Venus Project 2016 documentary - how a world without money can work.
  • Four Horsemen - Feature Documentary - Official Version (2013).  Really nice outlook of the modern world.
  • Ecobricks.


  • Leks university source regarding gardening: maejo university project farming
  • Forest garden / Garden forest for googling
  • Swale California guy.
  • Sweet potatoe to shade and keep water in the soil.
  • Syntropic Food Forest.