Vegan Breakfast 200 baht. Simple vegan breakfast (fruit from the garden in season 100 baht).

One meal with seasonal veggies (vegan lunch or vegan dinner) 250 baht per person. - please let us know before noon the day before. :-)

Temple water from the filtering system for free. Bottled water from the store 1,5 liters 30 baht.


  • Smoothies 80 baht
  • Vegan ice cream (nicecream 100% frozen fruit) 100 baht.

Extra topping - flax seeds 20 baht. Good for the omega 3 to 6 balance.


Amazing organic teas - caffeine free. 1 jug 150 baht, enough for 4-6 people.

  • We serve the tea of the season, here are a couple of examples:
    • Licorice root tea with mint.
    • Dried longan tea.
    • Pea flower tea.