Lek & Greg Vegan Camp Services are limited in the period between 20th of September 2019 until and including 29th of October 2019.

You are always welcome to camp in the area and please provide 160 baht per person per day to cover the costs for electricity, internet, water, water filters, and general maintenance. Go grab some fruit and veggies from the garden.


Vegan Breakfast 200 baht. Simple vegan breakfast (fruit from the garden in season 100 baht).

One meal with seasonal veggies (vegan lunch or vegan dinner) 250 baht per person. - please let us know before noon the day before. :-)

Temple water from the filtering system for free. Bottled water from the store 1,5 liters 30 baht.


  • Smoothies 80 baht
  • Vegan ice cream (nicecream 100% frozen fruit) 100 baht.

Extra topping - flax seeds 20 baht. Good for the omega 3 to 6 balance.


Amazing organic teas - caffeine free. 1 jug 150 baht, enough for 4-6 people.

  • We serve the tea of the season, here are a couple of examples:
    • Licorice root tea with mint.
    • Dried longan tea.
    • Pea flower tea.