When To Visit Lek And Greg Vegan Camp

There are benefits and disadvantages of every period in Thailand. :-) But any time would be filled with adventure except the peak of burning season February - March.

The smoke in the dry season (November to April) is mainly a problem in the valleys. If you are situated in the mountains it is not a big problem. In Thailand they burn all year round and traffic is much worse than the smoke from burning in the dry season.

In 2018 the government set the 20th of February as the end of burning. After this date all burnings would be fined by 5.000 baht. This made the period from beginning of February 2018 until 20th of February 2018 the worst burning season ever, because everybody needed to burn everything before end of burning set by the Thai government. Today the 26th of February, we were fortunate to have three days of light rain, and the air is now very nice again. To have this amount of rain in the dry season is very rare. But again, we had the coldest winter in 50 years they say.

The benefit of the wet/rainy (May to October) season is that the air gets cleaned by the rain.

The smoke is worst when people make charcoal, but our neighbors won't do it again, and they know why: 

And when the climate changes from dry season to wet season we get hit by storms typically around end of April: 

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