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Covid Update 2022-03-03

Because of the Covid situation, we only accept long term visitors who are can provide a negative covid test which is less than 3 days old, so they can be approved by the head of the village (Moo 5). This might change anytime. Please contact us via mail to stay notified.

Thank you, and take care.

Submitted by vegan camp on Sun, 2017-06-18 - 07:44

Prio 1

Prio 2

    Make an easy bike trailer hitch for the big blue trailer.

  • Build lamp screens from bamboo
  • Build bamboo shed.
  • Build huts.
  • Harvest coconuts.
    • Inspiration:
  • Build a earth oven (maybe add some sand, clay, and rice husk... clay bricks too?).
  • Make a compost toilet.
    • Make a toilet tower out of mud (earht buildings) like in the Pranya project.

Prio 3

Wish List

Garden fork, gloves, screws, glass jars with or without lids like these, buckets.

Information for supporters and volunteers

  • How plants work (What Plants Talk About (Full Documentary)):
  • Intro to permaculture:
  • Primitive Technology.


  • Find more stone and make paths for urinating areas.
  • Main building Roof:
    • Main area is also quite healthy except the top parts. Fix a ladder to have a platform, then climb. Eventually remove the lowest roof plate if possible, to have extra safety. Remember, safety first!
    • Change short screws to longer ones.
    • Bathroom area finished, except missing semi long screw at the washing machine side.
  • Fix tent pole.
    • Bought a small piece of pipe.
  • Fix grounding.
    • Fixed by technician, who tightened the screws.
    • Dug up the grounding cable and it looks solid. I will need to check the main power board. Maybe the grounding is working, my microphone is just sensitive?
  • Fix ventilator/fan (red) dog destroyed the cable.
  • Mosquito nets acquired.
  • created.
    • Make new web site.
  • Cassava planted.
  • Leaves Collected.
    • Get leaves from the temple Wat Luang Gau.
  • Make the current guest toilet smell less during use.
  • Install simple water filter for drinking water. Currently a three step filter system, but no reverse osmosis (RO) or anything fancy bacterial zapper.