Banana King of Fruits! 6 reasons.

Covid Update

We would love to have visitors, but because of the Covid situation we can't. The vegan camp is situated in a village community where the fear of Covid is high, sorry and hope to see you another time.

Take care.

Submitted by vegan camp on Sat, 2021-02-06 - 13:25

Bananas are a super food, and here is why!

  1. Bananas are sweet.
  2. Replenishes the body with cool nutrients.
  3. Bananas are important for health with a lot of nice micro nutrients and an amazing macro nutrient energy ratio 93% carbohydrates, 4% protein, and  3% fat.
  4. Bananas digest fast. Easy to satisfy the window of opportunity to replenish the body with nutrients. This is as soon as possible after workout -and might last 60-120 minutes after. If you eat starch, it will take longer to digest.
  5. Yes, bananas do contain protein. And yes it is enough for your super ninja training.
  6. Bananas are bloody cheap anywhere in the world.