Banana Vision Lek and Greg Vegan Camp AKA Vegan Camp Thailand

Submitted by vegan camp on Fri, 2023-07-21 - 12:27

Once upon a time, in the lush and vibrant land of Thailand, there existed a small village amidst the rolling hills. Here grew a magical plantation of organic bananas. These were no ordinary bananas; they were known throughout the land for their extraordinary sweetness and exquisite flavor. The secret to their perfection lay in the caring hands of the local farmers who tended to them with love and respect for nature.


Why Cows Milk Is Not For Humans

Submitted by vegan camp on Thu, 2021-07-15 - 13:47

Who needs any kind of milk? Humans are perfectly fine without processed foods, and yes, you guessed it. Milk from cows is processed plants. Humans should just eat unprocessed plants. Totally best for the environment, your health, and the animals. Open the gate to your inner chi!

Dairy milk contains substances not designed for humans. For example casein which is the milk protein is an carcinogen. 


World Vegan Day 2019

Submitted by vegan camp on Fri, 2019-11-01 - 11:22

Have an amazing World Vegan Day!

I like the definition of what this day is about on wikipedia.

I think more people, non vegans, and vegan, should understand that many vegans are vegan because of "The benefits of veganism for humans (edit human an animal)" ( And of course all of the other benefits. But it seems that the benefits of veganism for the human animal is overlooked by many and embraced by some.