Vegan Camp Updates


Lek & Greg Vegan Camp Services are limited in the period between 20th of September 2019 until and including 29th of October 2019.

You are always welcome to camp in the area and please provide 160 baht per person per day to cover the costs for electricity, internet, water, water filters, and general maintenance. Go grab some fruit and veggies from the garden.


Major milestones in the vegan camp. Let us know if we missed something!

21st of June 2017: Trying to convince the family to use different forms of weed control.

27th of May 2017: Check out the pumpkin harvest.

31st of March 2017: Monthly overview of the vegan camp.

26st of March 2017: Our first visitor and guest.

21st of February 2017: First update of the camp status.

23rd of January 2017: The making of the Vegan Camp HeadQuarters in Li, Lamphun.