Mango Nam Dok Mai (Premium Organically Grown)


Mindfully grown nam dok mai mango in an orchard where the grass/weed is cut not sprayed. We are not certified organic because there are non organic fields nearby. We only ship the best quality. You can also visit and pick your own tree ripened mangoes with a discount. Most mango farmes pick mangos for shipping when they are green, we only pick mangos that are already yellow or golden. We must pick them when they are hard for shipping, but if you leave them for a while in room temperature, they will ripen up. If you want to speed up ripening, you can put them in a box with bananas. We also offer special ripening leaves (old Thai style), please contact us for this special request.

We have at least two natural beehives in the garden. The bees have been moving around since mid 2018 or so. Previously we had at least 3 hives at the same time, but now the two bee hives are in two separate mango trees.

The bees have chosen us, who will you choose?

Mango price is per kilogram [kg] including transport for orders above 2000 baht.

1 kg
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