Air Quality In Smoke Season

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Submitted by vegan camp on Sun, 2020-01-19 - 10:49

People ask when the smoke season the dry season or even the burning season will start. All these three are the same, and they are quite bad for air quality. I would say it usually starts after a couple of months without rain. So in 2019 it already started in December or so and will probably last until we get some good storms in 2020, maybe mid April 2020. But who konws, nature is hard to predict and we get what we sow.

You might ask what the solution is to the bad air quality. The answer would be to reduce burning and increase composting principles. Also increase prices and demand for crops grown mindfully (won't happen while I am live ;-) ).

Also completely changing how we grow food. Agriculture has destroyed the planet and allowed the human race to increase in population. The solution would be to have a variety of food growing in food forests, also known as permaculture. These food growing principles allow a lot of particles being stored in the soil, because turning of soil is rarely done, except in the reestablishment stage.

Tips for survival. Use N95 grade face masks when not in an air purified area. Go to elevated areas. In valleys the smoke and particles will usually be in concentrated amounts.

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High altitude tent? No, fresh air tent. :-D
Mornings are the worst. Aqi outside 221 inside 1. You can easily smell the difference when there is contrast.

Filtering the air in a tent is a good workaround for me when the air gets really bad. I already ordered a big cover tent for the bedroom from Leks sister. This is a game changer.

#aqi #airquality #thailandtravel #thailand #burningseason #smokeseason#dryseason @ Lek & Greg Vegan Camp - check out the AQI in Li, Lamphun, Thailand, where Lek & Greg Vegan Camp is located:

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