Agro Tourism / Volunteering / Workshops / Community Membership

You are welcome to volunteer or become a community member and join the workshops at the vegan farm, where we practice a mix of permaculture and organic farming to grow our own food. Contact us to apply for volunteering/community membership - we ask for 400 baht per day per person or 2.500 baht per week per person for accommodation, food, and development of the vegan farm and home stay. Minimum stay for volunteers/community members is 7 nights and we ask for a contribution at arrival of 2.500 baht (covering 7 nights all inclusive). If you want to stay here longer and do some projects, we will see if we are a good match after two weeks and we can give you a long term proposition.

Workshops and activities

  • Planting trees and other plants.
  • Gardening.
  • Cooking and other work in the kitchen.
  • Developing organic farming practices.
  • Building natural products.
  • Harvesting fruit and other crops.
  • Other creative projects that can develop the camp and Thailand.
  • Also check out the Todo list.

Typical Schedule

Monday to Friday:

  • Morning - self organised breakfast and clearing the kitchen.
  • Felxible time before noon: minimum 1 hour of volunteer activities and tasks.
  • Noon - preparing lunch and clearing the kitchen etc.
  • Flexible time afternoon: minimum 1 hour of volunteer activities and tasks.
  • Dinner typically between 16:00 and 18:00 (flexible) organised by volunteers and clearing the kitchen.
  • 18:00 -  resting time (free time).

Weekends are free time.

Feedback From Volunteers and Workshop Participants

Fabian, the apple banana lover:

Mato volunteered for 8 days, and was a quest who did his own cooking for another 5 days:

We are inspired by places like:

Fully vegan: The Mindful Farm and Haivandee.

Partly vegan: Sahainan.

Not vegan: Rak Tamachat and Panya Project

Thank you!